ATech currently offers diverse services to Banks, Mortgage Companies, and Law Firms. Individuals at these agencies understand how difficult it can be to get updated residency information on a property that has experienced foreclosure.

Our experienced agents will provide you with the names of the individuals currently residing at the property, and the current address of the former owners. When necessary, we can also locate those that have left personal property at the foreclosed property. Locating heirs of the deceased whose home requires foreclosure process can also be accomplished. ATech has completed thousands of such investigations, and has located owners living out of state and even in nursing homes. Additionally, our Agents are experienced & professional in handling confidential and sensitive issues. We save you time and money. Some of the strategies that we utilize include:

  • Speaking with tenants
  • Speaking with neighbors
  • Checking mail and names on the mailbox
  • Checking trash
  • Obtaining license plate information
  • Obtaining police reports
  • Obtaining fire reports
  • Performing database searches

Need More Information?

ATech will perform the above duties carefully and efficiently, and will work to meet your deadlines. When attempting to locate transient individuals, beginning as soon as possible is of the upmost importance. Contact ATech today for a free consultation, and to learn how we can assist you with your needs. Call (888) 345-0250 to learn how our services can help you. All matters are confidential.