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Theft by employees—whether of money, merchandise, time or intellectual property—and on-the-job drug use or intoxication are a leading source of loss for most businesses. ATech’s wide range of services, state-of-the-art technology and skilled, experienced investigators have helped more than 100 corporations and retailers protect themselves from these internal threats.

Our services protect your business against employee theft:

  • Surveillance: Whether it is employees stealing from the till or out the back door, employees who use drugs at your workplace or drivers operating while intoxicated, our surveillance specialists will obtain the evidence necessary to prosecute. We perform stationary as well as mobile surveillance using the most advanced equipment, to provide you with both video and a written report that will document your case.
  • Background Investigation: ATech will obtain all the information necessary for you to make an educated decision on a prospective employee. We utilize traditional sources, such as criminal and driving histories, as well as social media to give you a truer profile of job candidates.
  • Non-Compete Investigation: If an ex-employee is breaking their signed non-compete contract agreement, we’ll perform surveillance and obtain the evidence you need to prosecute.
  • Undercover Operations: One or more of our investigators will work undercover at your business location to document employees’ actions on the job. If any are engaged in illegal activities such as theft or drug use, we will identify them and provide the evidence you need for prosecution and/or termination. We also document whether employees are adhering to all of your policies.
  • Shopping Services: Shopping services test the honesty and integrity of your employees. ATech uses various methods, such as money drops, tailoring our investigative techniques to your specific needs. Documentation of the shop will also include a report on safety, store appearance, sales, security and other facets of operation.
  • Counterfeit Investigations: We catch those who are producing as well as those selling knock-offs of your branded products. Our investigation includes working with your attorneys and law enforcement to seize the counterfeit goods and prosecute the criminals.
  • Security Consultation: With three decades of loss prevention experience in the corporate and retail sectors, ATech can identify your company’s vulnerabilities and recommend necessary steps to strengthen its weaknesses. Our consultation includes customized solutions for your facility.
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