With 28 years of experience, ATech is highly qualified and capable of conducting professional corporate investigations including Theft (internal and external), Pre-employment background screening and Debugging/Eavesdropping Detections Audits.

Our experienced investigators will identify how your corporation is being affect and provide solutions to the problem. Some of the specialized features of our undercover operations include:

  • Our investigation will document the actions & activities of the employees at your facility.
  • Communication simplified by virtue of email.
  • Frequent verbal updates and meetings as required.


The services that A Tech Investigation Services, Inc. will provide are:

  • Surveillance – ATech specializes is surveillance, and will obtain the evidence necessary to prosecute those identified stealing from your location.
  • Background Investigation – ATech will obtain the information that is necessary for you to make an educated decision on a prospective employee.
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  • Camera Systems Installed– From simple to the most complex installation of elaborate camera systems. This can be monitored by your appropriate personnel from another location.
  • Non-Compete – We can provide evidence that an ex employee is breaking their non-compete contract agreement.
  • Undercover Operations – We provide undercover investigators who must adhere to strict guidelines administered by management. Training is an ongoing process which equips the undercover with the appropriate skills necessary to obtain successful results.
  • Shopping Services – Shopping services test the honesty and integrity of your employees. This is demonstrated through various methods, including standard money drops and other techniques specific to your needs. Documentation of the shop will also include a report on safety, store appearance, sales, security and other facets of operation.

Need More Information?

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