Debugging Services

Locating Hidden Listening Devices & Covert Cameras for Corporate and Personal De-bugging Since 1983.

What We Do:

  • · Debugging
  • · Detect/Remove Wiretaps
  • · Detect/Remove Hidden Cameras

Experienced, Comprehensive, & Local Debugging Services

Do you suspect that someone may have placed cameras, listening devices or tracking devices (GPS) in your home, office or car? You may be right. The examples below are typical of the small, powerful devices that are widely available online. They can be easily planted anywhere from your computer mouse to a box of tissues.

You’ll never find them. But we will.
ATech has the experience and expertise to locate and remove all types of recording devices that are compromising your privacy and security.

Call us at 978-772-7080 today for a consultation. We will listen to your concerns – you will be the most valuable resource in helping us to determine whether anyone would have had reason to place devices in your home, office or car.

After consulting with you, we will perform a visual check of the interior and exterior of your premises or office. We will check for any listening devices or video cameras installed by battery, or utilizing a power source from within the property. After our check, we will advise and determine if it is necessary to increase the level of sophisticated equipment.

Rest assured: If a device is on the premises or your car, we’ll find it.

Common Listening Devices and Covert Cameras


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