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ATech Private Investigation Service’s is a pro at gathering the right information that is needed. Our most popular services include…

If you suspect that your spouse or partner is having an affair, our private investigation agency can help you to get the answers you are looking for. By conducting surveillance and documenting your spouse’s actions, we can get the evidence you need for peace of mind or court.

A Tech provides numerous services to attorneys, including surveillance, asset searches, background checks, and polygraphs. We provide the services you need in a discreet and confidential manner, and our report will bring you one step closer to winning your case.

Are you attempting to locate an adopted child or missing person? No matter what your situation, we will work to provide the results that you are looking for and the answers you deserve.

What People are Saying

One of our greatest accomplishments is being able to build trust with our clients. We are 100% transparent with them and will always keep our clients confidential. 

"Jim was really professional and helpful. He really listens to you and has a lot of compassion for your situation. I also think that he's very reasonable and not trying to take advantage of anyone. I highly recommend!"
Anonymous Client
"I have been trying to find a dear high school friend for the last 5 years if not more. Within hours, Jim called me back with all the information needed. I had been very nervous to contact a PI. Jim is warm and friendly and extremely professional. He takes his time with you and asked all the right questions. I highly recommend him."
Anonymous Client

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Whether you have a small, private inquiry or are about to begin a major corporate venture, you will find that ATech Investigation Services, Inc. is one of the highest return, lowest cost investments you will ever make.

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