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Debugging Services

Locating hidden listening devices, covert cameras, and GPS tracking devices since 1983.

Surveillance (Infidelity/Affairs)

We have over 39 years of experience working investigations, specifically surveillance. We would start at a known location such as home/work and follow the Subject discreetly. We would document all activity via photo/video and put all findings into a report with written observations. We would also provide you with updates along the way. Our reports stand up in the court of law as we are licensed by the State Police. Reports also include database searches (i.e.,the Subject gets into a vehicle with someone else or frequents an address regularly– We would conduct database searches on the vehicle/address and include that information in your final report). Client updates also provided throughout surveillance efforts.

Locate Hidden Cameras, Listening Devices, or Vehicle Trackers

We have over 39 years of experience performing thorough debugging sweeps of vehicles, residences, and businesses. Our experienced Technicians use specialized equipment to thoroughly scan the compromised area. Our equipment will detect any covert devices such as hidden cameras, listening devices, or GPS tracking devices. After a thorough sweep, we will provide a security consultation to provide you with peace of mind and security in your home, vehicle, or workplace.

Here at ATech we have 4 simple steps. Call us today at (978) 772-7080 for a free consultation.

  1. Contract – We will send a Contract via email.
  2. FYI Sheet – We obtain all the case information via email or phone.
  3. Payment – We accept credit cards over the phone.
  4. Report – A final report is provided in the end with all of our findings (written and photos).

ATech PI Debugging Sweeps

  • Radio transmission
  • Telephone sweep
  • Carrier current
  • Infrared transmission
  • Laser beam transmission
  • Microwave transmission
  • Cell phone bug sweep (a cell phone used as a bug)
  • Microphone
  • Hidden video camera (both wireless and hardwired)
  • Audio recorder
  • Locate GPS
  • Acoustic leakage inspection (where applicable)
  • Wire Traps

Contact ATech discreetly if you believe you are being bugged.

You’ll never find them. But we will. ATech has the experience and expertise to locate and remove all types of recording devices that are compromising your privacy and security.

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