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Civil Investigations

Whether your client’s needs involve civil or criminal cases or a custody battle; ATech offers services such as surveillance, background checks, and polygraphs. As an independent party, our report can be used as evidence to substantiate your client’s claims.

Civil/Criminal Investigations Proven Use Cases

  • ATech uncovered, through surveillance, a deadbeat dad who was working under the table and claiming no income. The evidence collected helped to prove that he was self-employed, and resulted in an increase in child support.
  • ATech worked with a law firm who wanted to locate a missing witness. ATech located this witness, resulting in a testimony that was a key piece of evidence during the trial.
  • With our surveillance skills and background expertise (NOTE: link to background investigations page), we will help you to solidify your client’s case. As an independent party, our report can be used as evidence to substantiate your client’s claims. Whether you are representing a client in a custody battle or a criminal matter, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the evidence necessary to win your case.

Witness Location Services Since 1983

No matter what the nature of your case, locating witnesses can be a major obstacle. The individual you’re trying to locate might be hesitant to testify or may be transient, making the process all the more difficult.

ATech’s investigators are trained and experienced in witness location, and will locate your prime witnesses quickly and efficiently. We will utilize a combination of database searches, surveillance, and other investigative techniques in order to confirm that we have found the correct individual. Our services go far beyond locating the individual, and can include taking written statements and interviewing. Or perhaps you are not sure of your potential witness’s background, and are worried that he will not be credible on the stand. We can perform a background and criminal check on your potential witness, providing you with crucial information before the trial, and allowing you to make a truly informed decision. We offer these services to both attorneys and private parties – you can rest assured that your best witnesses will be located with plenty of time before your court date.

The following information will be especially important in locating your witnesses:

  • Full name
  • Approximate age or date of birth
  • Where the person’s family is from
  • Previous place of residence
  • Names of siblings and friends
  • Employers or former employees

Although the above information is important, witness location can be done with even just one or two of these items.

Statement Gathering

Winning your case often depends on the ability to gather evidence in the form of witness statements. In some cases, this is made more difficult due to witnesses not reporting their addresses or moving frequently. We can assist you by locating your witnesses in a timely manner. Should you decide that you would also like to utilize our services to interview your witnesses, we will travel to their location and conduct confidential interviews on the subject of your case.

Trademark Infringement

We offer focused investigations for clients concerned with trademark infringement. Whether you’re a local start-up brand or an internationally known entity, our experts offer field research, video surveillance, controlled purchases, and detailed analysis to gather evidence and determine the scope of the problem. With a discreet approach and due diligence we can provide leverage for your case.

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